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Skimkit: Find Monetisable Products

9th March, 2010

Over the past few months I’ve been playing on and off with Skimlinks, a UK-based service providing easy monetisation of outbound links for websites. You may have also seen my post about how excellent their customer service is (#2188).

My desktop Huddle client, Clustr, wasn’t the only Adobe AIR application to launch last week. Skimlinks also announced the release of Skimkit, their tool for publishers to find relevant products for their website.

From the Skimkit website:

Filled with a live database of millions of products from Skimlinks merchants, SkimKit changes the way you research content; saving you time, and providing you with more targeted and relevant results, right to your desktop.

Skimkit is a great way for any publisher to research products that are instantly monetisable through Skimlinks. It provides a fantastic search across for main categories of products to help you get what you want faster. It also provides a link to an image of the product you can use right away, as well as a link to the product page that the Skimlinks code will pick up from your site and monetise for you.

Some other cool features include built-in URL shortening with the Skimlinks shorteners, and a favourite function where you can star a set of products to save for later. You can then export the list as XML or CSV - incredibly useful!

There’s a full set of screenshots for the installation and first run of Skimkit below. Sign up for Skimlinks now if you want to get your hands on it.