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SF Diary: Day 1

21st July, 2013

Today was my first full day in San Francisco - I’m here on a two week work trip with

We arrived yesterday evening and stayed in central SF in a hotel we’d rather forget, and today moved into our Air BnB on Parnassus - which is epic. Photos to come, but unfortunately my work laptop SD card reader doesn’t want to work, so they may be a bit delayed.

We also dropped by the office - we have temporary space at HeavyBit, which is a really impressive space. It’s decked out with top of the line stuff and I can’t wait to get coding in there during the week. I still managed to get a couple of bugs sorted while we were in earlier though!

Tonight was all about staying up as late as possible as it all kicks off tomorrow. David and I are both pretty shattered, and we’re having rings run round us by the guys who have been here a month already!

You can tell Andrew has been here a while, he’s starting to fit right in - here seen in his new natural habitat, a hip coffee shop on 7th and Folsom:

Meanwhile, here are some obligatory food photos: