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New site design

11th February, 2012

I’ve had a crazy couple of days and decided the old site design had had its day and it was time for a refresh.

Here’s a few posts that I think look really good with the new design:

Having played around with Twitter’s Bootstrap for a bit, I thought I’d give it a go as the main framework. I got on with it well and had to fiddle with only a couple of bits and pieces to get it to play ball. Their new responsive stuff is good and if you check out the site on your phone or tablet you should get an equally nice experience now. The site is also a lot simpler so it is quicker to load, and it hurts the eyes less.

Thanks to Android from where I borrowed the font for the header (Roboto from Android 4 - font nerds hate it but I quite like it) as well as the colours - thanks to the Android Design people for putting all the swatch and font files on their website.

If you spot any issues, you can reach me with the links under the “Connect” tab up there in the top right corner (if it’s a UI think I’d really appreciate a screenshot). Currently comments are disabled because I haven’t quite got round to rendering them yet (oopsey) but you could theoretically use them later if I ever got round to it.