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NYT Subscription

4th February, 2017

For the past couple of weeks, I have woken up every morning and read through all the tweets in my feed overnight - as I always do.

However, in these recent weeks there have been a lot more tweets than usual to catch up on, and on a much wider and more worrying range of topics than the usual tech innovations and jokes.

In an odd way, it was by chance that I thought to subscribe to the New York Times digital edition just after Christmas. This is my peak time for buying annual subscriptions to things, and the few months at the end of the year I had run out of 10 free articles per month pretty quickly, so it seemed like a good choice. NYT has always represented respectable journalism for me and I pick one up whenever I am having a relaxing weekend and would like something decent to read (yes, one made of actual mulshed up tree).

But it’s not just the news that I enjoy about this specific publication - the travel, food and even weddings sections are actually great, and with consistently excellent writing.

So in these difficult times, you might like to pick up a subscription too. Their “basic” subscription package varies in price, when I bought it the offer was 80% off, but I’m currently being shown 50% off - which is still just £1.06 a week.