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The #RDGTweetup Video

20th October, 2009

If you were at last week’s #RDGTweetup you would have noticed me waving my new Flip Ultra HD around and shooting a bit of content.

Well I’ve finally managed to get it together and edited into a nice package. About 20 minutes of video and 2 hours of editing (then a further 2 hours getting it in a format suitable to present to you here) I am pleased to present the finished video!

If you spot yourself in this video, please leave a comment below and I will add you to the list of people who are in it!

Currently known to feature these tweeters - @dtsn, @jamesbmarshall, @jimanning, @carocat, @nige4tograher, @littlespy, @saqibs, @fringley, @domgreen, @nicktelford, @alexforrow, @amykate, @TheSourceress, @robcdillon, @eilvr, @chelthan (thanks Hannah!)