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Twitter for iPhone Released

Improves Twitter For The Masses

20th May, 2010

Recently, Twitter took over Atebits, makers of the ridiculously popular Tweetie Twitter client for iPhone and Mac.

They’ve made their mark, and yesterday Twitter for iPhone landed on the app store - to much critical talk. Let’s take a look at the new client.

There are some screenshots of Twitter for iPhone in action below.

Generally the client maintains the look and feel of Tweetie, with its pull-to-refresh feature, search, cool sliding functionality, and all kinds of little tricks.

Most of the complaints have been centred on niggly little features for power users. But as I said in my post on Twitter for Android (#3348), Twitter have constructed a client that is great for first-time Twitter users who have an iPhone, and should prove to be a great driver of users for them.

Newer things I noticed in the app are the new features when you’re logged out, shown below, and the ability to sign up from the application itself.

So this looks like another great play by Twitter by getting an in-house app on the large mobile platforms, so that new users (not necessarily power users) can get started easily and enjoy the experience.

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