Chris Alexander

On Engineering

Github Cleanup

9th March, 2013

Github is a critical metric when we’re hiring developers. If you have a Github account and contribute to open source projects, we’re much more likely to look closely at your application. It gives us a good idea of how you interact with other developers, lets us know that you are willing to work on open source code in your spare time (so you love doing it), and we can take a look at your code to get an idea of how you work.

I have spent today clearing out my Github account a little. Deleting forks I don’t maintain (or have a reason to), transferring a few repos to our work Github org (we <3 open source), and creating an entirely new org for ARNIE software.

ARNIE was my third-year group project at Uni and I open-sourced a lot of the code as I wrote it. This was causing quite a lot of projects to hang around on my personal account, so I transferred them all to the arnie-robot org. If you’re interested in digging up my old code, there’s where you want to go!