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Great links for Student software

14th October, 2010

Earlier today I talked briefly to some students at Reading about some great websites for getting hold of software they will need for their degrees at much reduced costs to what they would normally have to spend.

I’ve collected those links below, so drop in and have a look to see what you can get!


This is a Microsoft student site where you can download all kinds of developer tools, including Visual Studio and all of the tools for the new Windows Phone 7. Check it out at


The MSDN Academic Alliance is another way for students at Universities who have it (Reading does) to get all kinds of software, including operating systems as well as developer tools, to help them with their degrees. Reading students can get it at

Ultimate Steal

One piece of software that isn’t available from any of the other sites is Office, which unfortunately even students have to pay for. Fortunately though, the Ultimate Steal site means you just have to sign up with your Uni e-mail address, and you can get Office 2010 for just £50 instead of the hundreds of pounds RRP. Check it out at The Ultimate Steal.

Imagine Cup

This isn’t a student software site - but you can still get some great prizes by competing in the Imagine Cup. This is a global competition for students, and you could have the opportunity to go to New York for the worldwide finals, all expenses paid! Find out more at