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Imagine Cup: Roundup

12th November, 2009

Over the past week or so, I’ve been writing a lot about the Imagine Cup - here’s a roundup of what I had to say about it. Don’t forget to sign up on the Imagine Cup site.

Imagine Cup 2010 is here!

The Imagine Cup is the world’s premier student technology competition - with unparalleled challenges, experiences, and prizes, if you do anything at all this year, you’ll want to be part of this. Read more about Imagine Cup 2010 (#1145)…

Write Software. Change the World.

Imagine a world where technology helps solve the toughest problems

This is the bold calling of the 2010 Imagine Cup, Microsoft’s worldwide student technology competition. Aimed at students just like you the whole world over, the aim of the Software Design competition is to give you the opportunity to revolutionise how technology enhances our lives.

The aims of the Software Design aspect of the Imagine Cup are massive - address the UN Millennium Development Goals with software and technology. This includes addressing issues related to hunger relief; poverty; education; disease control; healthcare; the environment; and other challenges facing our world today.

Read more about how you can change the world with the Imagine Cup (#1191)…

Highlights of Egypt 2009

Last year the Imagine Cup Worldwide Final was held in Cairo, Egypt. Over 5 days, there was intense competition, friendly conversation, fantastic innovation and a sensational atmosphere.

Unfortunately my entry did not make it through to the final stages, however I was lucky enough to go along to Egypt with the Microsoft UK team. Here are some of my highlights of the Imagine Cup 2009.

For me, Cairo was an absolutely sensational experience, and I enjoyed every second of it. When we weren’t watching ground-breaking presentations by students from every corner of the world, we were meeting new, like-minded people, and experience the rich culture and heritage that Egypt has to offer.

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This year, the worldwide finals are being held in Poland, and you can get there by entering one of five competitions. Here’s an overview of what you can get into and what’s involved.

There’s a huge selection to pick from - have a look at the brief overviews, and if you like what you hear, you can click through to the full competition description on the Imagine Cup website.

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What about the opportunities that you may get from taking part in the competition?

The simple fact of the matter is that taking part in this competition gives you more opportunities than from taking part in any other student activity that I have come across.

Read more about the opportunities at the Imagine Cup (#1209)…


If your team wins the worldwide Software Design competition, not only will you get the trip to Poland where you would have completed, but you will also get $25,000 to share among your team. On top of this, there’s the global exposure, the chance for industry to pick up you and your ideas, and a great opportunity to meet people from around the world.

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