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1st March, 2010

A few weeks ago I wrote about (#2385), the Microsoft mobile site for students on the go.

Today I’d like to introduce you to another Microsoft site for students, with yet more freebies, information, competitions and more for you!

The site is called /student, and you can find it at Here’s some of the great stuff you can find there…

Software and Offers

It wouldn’t be a student site without some deals!

/student offers a huge set of resources on what software is available to, and how you can get it with massive discounts or even for free!

Check out the software and discounts pages on /student.

Learning and Your Career

There’s a whole load of learning resources available to students through the /student site. From certifications to tips and tricks, there’s everything you need to get you started with Microsoft technologies.

Not only that, but there’s pages of help about getting started in your career. Most of the content is targeted towards the US (so lucky for my readers from the other side of the pond!) but most of it can still apply to those of you in the UK so its well worth checking out.

Discover more on the learning and career pages of /student.

A Good Cause - Imagine Cup

Of course there is a section on /student dedicated to the Imagine Cup. If you’re not familiar with it, check out my huge number of posts in the past about the competition.

There’s more resources on the Good Cause section to get you started with the competition.

Fun Stuff, Communities and International

There are actually quite a few Microsoft sites for students, but they are spread around a bit. On the Fun Stuff section, you can drop by Windows Live, Xbox Live and check out some competitions at the Student Rally.

There’s also a whole load of forums and communities such as the Student Partners, Facebook groups, the Student Lounge and Tech Clubs where you can get in touch with other students from all over the world and discuss technology, news, and just about anything you could ever want to find out about in the world of Microsoft.

Finally, check out the international pages for student communities in your country, for example this lot here in the UK.

Technology Students

Finally, if you’re really into your technology, check out this page for more in-depth information on getting the most out of being a student with Microsoft. From Dreamspark to the Academic Alliance (all free software) and all kinds of other resources, it’s your one-stop shop for finding everything you could possibly need.