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Who am I?!

1st December, 2009

Who am I? A question that has taxed the minds of great philosophers for countless years, most notably, Jackie Chan. Well I know who I am, and if you choose to read on, you will too shortly.

My name is Josh Homerston, and I’m a friend of Chris, I study electronics engineering at The University of Reading.

As for my other defining traits; I enjoy good food and cooking it, I also write desktop applications for Windows, and run my own electronics consultancy / hardware development company.

The reason I’m posting on Chris’ blog is essentially to try my hand at blogging, and hopefully make some interesting points. I have little idea how many posts I’ll actually make here, though it will be at least three. As for the content of my posts: frequently they will be rants, every once in a while I might like something, but this is fairly rare.

Well, without rambling too much, I think that’s all I need to say by way of an introduction. I hope you look out for my posts over the next few weeks, and I hope you enjoy them. Feel free to leave comments below, and to get in touch; I can be found at my company website and on Twitter, where I post under the imaginative title of @josh_homerston.