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Windows 7 Roundup

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25th October, 2009

So one of the biggest stories in technology this week was the release of Windows 7, Microsoft’s brand new operating system.

It would simply have been rude of me not to mention it in at least one post this week, and there are plenty of topics here to make sure you have the best start possible with the new operating system.

The Ultimate Steal

First off this week was the Ultimate Steal, Microsoft’s way for Students to get Windows 7 for only £30 - bargain! For more information on this, check out this post (#591).

Windows 7 for Students

Next up, it wouldn’t have been that useful for me to point you to Windows 7 if I did not give you some idea as to why you might want it! Windows 7 for Students (#543) was very popular, and provides a great way for students who have just got the new operating system to get it working hard for them. Check out this post (#543).

Entertainment in Windows 7

The final post from my blog this week is on how you can get the most out of Entertainment in Windows 7 (#930). With the enhancements to Media Centre and a whole raft of changes, this post is well worth checking out to get the most out of your Windows 7 box and taking your entertainment to the next level with Windows 7.

Another Perspective: Evronia’s Blog

I’d also like to take this opportunity to mention a series of posts about Windows 7 by Egyptian MSP Evronia - so if you are a student and want to know what Windows 7 will be like when you get it on your PC and using it for your studies, these posts are well worth checking out. Check out part 1, part 2 and finally part 3.