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Windows / Office presentatiom

A review

22nd January, 2009

As you will probably have seen from the blog posts, yesterday I did a presentation featuring Windows Vista, Office 2007 and Windows 7.

The aim was for people coming along to leave with a better working understanding of how to make better use of Windows Vista and Office 2007 now that they have been installed on the School of Systems Engineering machines.There was a lot of good feedback from people both during and after the event, and I was particularly happy that I was able to impart some tips on almost everyone who attended. What I also liked was that some audience members had problems with Office that I couldn’t answer straight away, but other members of the audience were able to help out and in some cases show them afterwards how it was done.

The demo of the latest beta of Windows 7 went down quite well too, hopefully I got some people excited about what’s to come and the improvements that end users can expect, as well as some hints towards what developers can expect.

I think everyone’s favourite part of the presentation was when I stopped talking and gave everyone free drinks and cakes - that always goes down well :-)

Some people asked me afterwars about doing a more in-depth Office 2007 demo, with particular focus on OneNote 2007 as only 2 people in attendance had used OneNote before and it was generally agreed to be a useful tool for people to use during research.

I was also especially pleased that a couple of members of the ITNG came along to have a look too, and were able to contribute some solutions to user’s problems too.

I hope everyone who came enjoyed the presentation just as much as I enjoyed doing it!