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Write Software. Change the World. Imagine Cup 2010

5th November, 2009

Imagine a world where technology helps solve the toughest problems

This is the bold calling of the 2010 Imagine Cup, Microsoft’s worldwide student technology competition. Aimed at students just like you the whole world over, the aim of the Software Design competition is to give you the opportunity to revolutionise how technology enhances our lives.

Big Goals. Huge Challenges.

The aims of the Software Design aspect of the Imagine Cup are massive - address the UN Millennium Development Goals with software and technology. This includes addressing issues related to hunger relief; poverty; education; disease control; healthcare; the environment; and other challenges facing our world today.

End Hunger. Cure Diseases. Bring Relief.

The UN Millennium Development Goals are wide-ranging and affect every corner of the world. All of them can be addressed with technology, and the Imagine Cup offers students the opportunity to prove this, and their own prowess, on a global stage.

UN Millennium Development Goals

It’s certainly a big challenge - possibly one of the biggest you’ll be faced with as students. But it is incredibly rewarding too. Not only the sensational, unavailable-elsewhere prizes (more on those later this week), but the real knowledge that you will make a difference on a global scale.

Get Started Now.

Start making a difference today, and get started on those world-changing applications. Signup for the Software Design competition is free, and you can find out more information on the Imagine Cup website. Why not get started now?

Look out for more posts in the coming days for more on the Imagine Cup, what Imagine Cup 2009 was like, and top tips for Imagine Cup 2010 - keep your eyes on the Imagine Cup category.