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Remote desktop on high DPI devices

24th January, 2015

Here’s a quick tip if you’re trying to remote desktop from a high-DPI display device (like the Yoga Pro 2 we recently picked up) to a device with a regular DPI display (like your work desktop or old PC).

The issue is that you end up with everything on the remote screen appearing tiny because it renders the display at the number of pixels your screen has, not taking in to consideration the display density.

For now, the workaround is to use Remote Desktop Connection Manager. This is a free utility from Microsoft that is designed for people that use a lot of remote desktops to easily manage them all and keep it all organised. However, you want to make sure that you use version 2.2, as version 2.7 patched the “issue” that we are relying on to get the screen to display.

So a bit of extra work but at least you can view the remote machine without too much issue. Download Remote Desktop Connection Manager 2.2 from Microsoft.