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Stalking your dog

Welcome to EddieCam

29th January, 2017

Ever since we got Eddie a few months ago we have been trying to keep an eye on him while we’re out to make sure he’s not too lonely and upset on his own (he is a rescue dog after all).

NEW TOY #squeak

— Eddie (@EddieTheGrey) November 19, 2016

A few people have seen me watch EddieCam since we got it, so here are the details for it.

The camera we got is from Amazon, pretty cheap at around £35 (especially compared to the others you can get, in the hundreds!) - and seems to be working pretty great so far.

Here’s the link to it.

There are some really good features of the camera, such as:

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Here you can see it in action on my phone, over 4G - decent quality and it looks like Eddie’s having plenty of fun with his toys!

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