Chris Alexander

On Engineering


6th January, 2018

It is now at least three days since I started my new regime of minimal social media and online news content. I don’t want to jinx it, but it seems to be going quite well so far! The phone app has caught me almost reflexively launching apps a couple of times (and I have cheated a few times too!) but overall it’s definitely an improvement so far.

As I have also been committed to writing more this year, and starting off pretty well in that regard as well, I have been trying to work on topics to write about during the day.

Fortunately, in my line of work, a lot of extremely interesting - and often very technical - topics are discussed daily, whether it is at our desks or at the coffee machine, or even at lunch. Unfortunately for my line of work, every small detail is potentially a competitive advantage, and even a slight mention of one technology or another might give another team and idea that they hadn’t already head. When you’re working at the cutting edge of developing technology on a daily basis, it really is a race to keep ahead and to buy yourselves more time. As a result, I am here writing meta-posts about how I can’t tell you all the amazing things I have thought to write about!

I have also found myself, throughout the day, thinking of funny / interesting / relevant things to tweet, handily pre-formatted by my brain to fit into 140 characters. There’s certainly something to be said for having somewhere to post short observations, without having to expand them into something that feels like a worthwhile blog post. At least here I have been able to combine two of them together, going on for 300 words!