Chris Alexander


I am an engineer who loves to solve difficult technical problems with elegant, well thought through and innovative solutions. I am also able to work in fast-paced environments with rapidly evolving requirements to deliver consistently high quality results. I am able to work efficiently and productively in high stress scenarios for short periods of time, however my quality of work will go down if this is prolonged for weeks at a time, and I prefer to avoid this if possible.

I place a high value on learning and development opportunities; sharing knowledge and collaborating; and communicating clearly, consisely, explicitly and thoughtfully. I strongly believe that the best results are achieved by treating everyone with respect and empathy; by embracing contributions from a diverse team with varied experiences, backgrounds and knowledge; and giving everyone the environment and tools they need to reach their full potential. I thrive in a diverse, motivated and engaged team, and routinely generate innovative and inspiring ideas in such an environment.

My software development experience includes data collection, analysis and simulation platforms; cloud computing with production experience in Azure and AWS; systems integration and APIs; and robotics. Additionally, I am able to provide hands-on systems administration experience ranging from the cloud to data center and custom appliances, as well as shipping software to desktop, mobile, embedded devices and the web. I love to turn my hand to new technology and ideas.

I am a competent technical writer, having previously delivered academic papers and reports; technical, API and code docs; and user guides, tutorials, news reports and blog posts across a wide variety of topics. My presentation skills are very strong on a large range of technical and non-technical topics, and I have significant experience in providing technical support to users with a wide range of experience and skills. I have witnessed how effective and conscientious communication can break down barriers and unlock potential that would not have been considered otherwise, and I enjoy collaborating across teams and businesses to achieve goals.

My academic background is in robotics; I have a Masters degree from the University of Reading. My academic interests include environmental modelling and analysis, multi-sensory data integration and analysis, and low cost mobile robots.

My passions outside work are music, digital photography and travel. My role as conductor of a brass band requires my strong leadership, communication and organisation skills.

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