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iBooks for iPad

13th July, 2010

Initially I had somewhat dismissed iBooks on the iPad – I hardly read at all, and had very little use for it.

Now, however, it has somewhat come into its own as new features have been added and I’ve discovered things I didn’t know about.

First of all, it was recently updated to include PDF reading ability – this somewhat justifies the purchase as it allows me to read academic papers on the iPad, which will no doubt come in very useful.

The other discovery I made is that there is actually a huge stack of free content in the iBookstore (which is, incidentally, the worst name in the world). Project Gutenberg is an initiative to get the hands of out of copyright books into as many hands as possible; it makes old works available in plain text format understandable by both humans and computers, and they have also contributed a huge number of books to the iBookstore, which is what I’m working my way though at the moment.

Check out some shots of iBooks and the iBookstore below.