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iPad Problems

20th February, 2012

I get confused when people say the iPad is the easiest to use computer ever made.

There are a few reasons for this.

Primarily it is that actually damned hard to use. If you want to do absolutely anything other than open an app, it is difficult. The navigation, in an attempt to be simplified, has been simplified to the point where it is consistently inconsistent between apps, the system, and anything else.

It is also absolutely dog slow. Perhaps I have been spoilt by the Galaxy Nexus, which let me tell you in no uncertain terms: it never keeps you waiting. The iPad is quite the opposite. Even loading the Settings app takes forever on mine now. Perhaps Apple is hinting at me to buy a new one (not likely).

It is also virtually impossible to get support when it goes wrong. If there is a problem I usually google it. However any mention of iPad in a search term gets your results flooded with all kinds of crap blog posts about how to do simple things, when I actually want a solution to a problem. I think this is partly because the iPad seems so simple, it makes just about anyone think they can provide technical support for it. Not the case.

In that vein, a reminder to myself. If your iTunes app ever disappears from your iPad home screens again, it has most likely been disables in the Restrictions of the General settings in Settings. Good luck remembering your Restrictions pin! Image for future reference: