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Does an open-source project source control affect your decision to use it?

28th July, 2010

I often see people ranting one way or another in favour or against various source control packages. The most common one is Git vs SVN; SVN having been very popular for a long time, Git being somewhat the ‘young pretender’. As a result, in the open source space, there’s quite a mix of open source hosted source control options available.

For example, GitHub (confusingly) supports Git and SVN, and Google Code supports SVN and Mercurial.

My question, though, is despite all of this ranting, would your decision to use or contribute to an open source project be affected by which souce control technology it uses? If it does make a difference, why is that? Is it technological, personal choice, or something else?

While I await some answers, here are some related pictures from the internets.