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Clustr Sneak Peek: Coming Soon

23rd February, 2010

Some of you may remember my project from several months ago called Clustr. Essentially it offers a way of accessing your workspaces from your iPhone or mobile phone.

Today I’m pleased to be able to give you a sneak preview of what’s coming next for Clustr.

As Huddle has evolved, we’re looking to give you even more ways to get the most out of your investment into the platform. First, Clustr gave you a way to get to your workspaces wherever you were. Now, Clustr Mobile is just one part of the solution.

We look forward to giving select users access to Clustr Desktop over the next week or so, with a view to making it public very soon.

As always, Clustr Desktop and Clustr Mobile will remain completely secure, ad-free, and at no cost for unlimited access - forever.