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During lockdown, are you following these healthy lifestyle guidelines?

1st May, 2020

Recently I’ve been reading through some old management books as a bit of background reading for a course I’m taking. Some of them really should not be used seriously in this day and age! But some of them have some interesting titbits in them.

I thought this one was particularly relevant to the current global pandemic and lockdown. “The One Minute Manager Balances Work and Life” cites research by the University of Michigan and the US Surgeon General that lists 12 attributes of a healthy lifestyle. I’ve put them below. For each attribute, decide if you agree with it or disagree, as it reflects on your current lifestyle. For each you agree with, score yourself +1 point.

If you score 10 to 12, then great! But if you score less than that, then here is an opportunity to think about some improvement.

Here’s the 12, don’t forget to count your score:

  1. I love my job, most of the time
  2. I take safety precautions, like wearing seatbelts and cycle helmets
  3. I am within 2.5kg of my ideal weight
  4. I know three ways of reducing stress that works for me - that aren’t drugs or alcohol
  5. I don’t smoke or vape
  6. I sleep 7-9 hours nightly and wake up refreshed
  7. I take part in 30 mins physical exertion 2-3 times per week, and also do strength or flexibility activities
  8. I drink 7 or fewer alcoholic drinks per week
  9. I know my blood pressure
  10. I eat sensibly - breakfast every day; minimise fat, processed sugar, salt, ready meals; adequate fibre and few snacks
  11. I have a good social support system that I make use of
  12. I maintain a positive mental attitude

So how did you do? And what did you think of the questions?

Now’s a great time to reflect on your strengths and what needs some thinking about. This is especially true if you are furloughed at the moment. What’s the one thing you could go away and do / start right now to improve your score?