Chris Alexander

On Engineering

A Day Disconnected

22nd July, 2009

Last weekend I went back home for a couple of days to catch up and see a few things. Cleverly (or not so) I left my phone charger there, and so had been without it for 2 days, and without a phone with charge since first thing yesterday morning.

Initially I thought this wouldn’t be a problem - there are phones at work and home, and there’s always Twitter, Facebook, E-Mail and a multitude of other ways of connecting and staying in touch. Wrong.

It turns out there’s nothing quite like having a device in your pocket that can access just about anything with the press of a couple of buttons. While I was still able to access Twitter, Facebook and the like, simply the knowledge that I didn’t have access to these services and others in my pocket seemed to make everything more difficult.

In todays connected age more and more people make use of ‘on demand’ services like these; and being without them made day to day tasks more difficult. Hopefully the experience won’t be repeated.