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Canon Printer and Windows 7 Problem Fixed

15th September, 2009

Recently I have been having some problems with my Canon MP810 Multifunctional Printer and my Windows 7 desktop computer. I thought I’d post the exact problem and how I solved it for anyone else who may be having the same issue.

I’m not sure exactly how this problem was caused, but after using my Canon printer for several weeks perfectly well with Windows 7, I turned it on and Windows gave the error “USB Device not recognised” - essentially saying that the device had malfunctioned, and that it could no longer be used. I knew the printer itself was fine because functions on the printer itself (such as photocopying) worked fine.

After lots of fiddling around, changing USB ports, reinstalling drivers etc., I tried using the printer on my other Windows 7 install on a MacBook, and everything worked fine. Thus my solution was like so:

Again this is how I fixed this particular issue, yours may not be exactly the same problem but hopefully it can help. I have a suspision that this was caused by a problem in Windows 7, but there is no way of tracking it down and reporting it as there are so many things it could have been.