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Head hunters

13th February, 2012

Just had a phone call from a “London based head hunting agency”. Sounds dangerous.

They proceeded to ask me about my current work situation and whether they could help me find a job. I politely declined, telling them I am completely busy at the moment and I am perfectly capable of finding myself a job if I were to require one now or in the future.

Failing to take this hint, they enquired as to my current work situation, for the express purpose of potentially getting in touch later. I told them that they should do their research first: a simple Google search of my name would give you probably everything you needed to know and more about my work situation at the moment. I then told them (again) that I do not require their help. They hung up rudely.

They clearly took my advice: a few seconds later a LinkedIn invite appeared for someone from a London based head hunting agency. I reported it as spam.

Here are some tips for recruiters looking to get in touch:

Thanks to the person that phoned me this morning for reminding me to write this post. No thanks to them for wasting 15 minutes of my time.

Update: It appears this person called at least one of the companies I do some work for and tried to talk to me using the age-old “I’m calling about a delivery”. If you try that I will never talk to you again and take great care to instruct everybody I possibly can to avoid you as much as possible.