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The Return of #MoreCheeseMonday?

26th October, 2009

It seems that recent Monday events such as #MoreCheeseMonday and #MicrosoftMonday (ok maybe that one was just me and @AlexForrow) have gone a bit quiet recently, so in an attempt to revive them, may I introduce this particularly large volume of cheese I acquired yesterday.

Unlike my previous #MoreCheeseMonday blog post, this time I am actually referring to cheese (the last one was my abstract taste in music (#215)), and my favourite “Seriously Strong” cheddar at that. When I found these at better than half the price I usually pay, I snapped up quite a few.

On the #MicrosoftMonday front, I’m pleased to report that I’m wearing a UK 2008 Imagine Cup t-shirt.

Hopefully I’ll have a chance to write a few more posts tonight and soon normal blogging will be restored.