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New Business Cards

24th November, 2009

I’ve got some new business cards on the way, and this time I went a bit different to my last approach.

My previous cards were the regular size with a “Chris” design on the front and my contacts on the back.

This time I’ve stuck with the usual details on the back (with an extra little logo, but you’ll have to wait to get a card before you find out what that is…) but added some photos to the front.

Of the 100 cards I’ve ordered, there are 25 photos so each one is limited at only 4 cards each - and who’s saying if I’ll ever use these designs again?!

The photos all come from my collection I have built up over the years, and were all ones that I took myself.

Here are some low-resolution previews. If you would like to use them in your own cards, it is required that you get in touch and make sure that this is ok before you do - as I say this is all my own work, and I’d rather see it done properly, so I’ll probably send you the standard Moocard resolution ones if you ask nicely enough!

*From Left to Right, Top to Bottom: *The London Eye; Cypress Gardens, Florida, USA; Cypress Gardens, Florida, USA; Cypress Gardens, Florida, USA; A12, Essex; Saturn V Rocket second stage booster engine close-up.

Note: All images are Copyright 2006-2009 Chris Alexander. All Rights Reserved. Unauthorised Reproduction Prohibited. Please get in touch if you’d like to use my images. Thanks!