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On Communication

10th December, 2011

I usually pride myself on being contactable through just about every possible medium. However as the final year of my degree continues I find I am no longer able to keep up with all of the various communication methods I used to frequent.

Hence I would now recommend to anyone wishing to get in touch to use E-mail. My address for all correspondence is unless I specify to you otherwise (for specific contract related work for example).

I would advise against calling me when possible. I have email within seconds when I have mobile reception, and a call will disturb what I am currently working on, when an email I can read discreetly and respond to as needed. If your query really is urgent please include your contact number in your email and I will contact you as I see fit. Please don’t be surprised by emails at odd times of the day (and night).

Sorry to go all Stallman on everyone but as I’m sure you can appreciate, a final year project, work contracts, lectures and a few minutes of social life keep me pretty busy. If you wish to contact me here are my approximate response times:

Email: 1 minute to 5 days (urgency dependant) Linkedin: 1 to 5 days (urgency dependant) Twitter (mention/DM): 5+ days ->Facebook: 3+ months- Account deleted so don’t even try it.