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Tweetie 2: iPhone Twitter Revolution

1st December, 2009

You may have seen me bemoaning using Twitter on my iPhone recently.

This is for two reasons. First of all, it is an original iPhone (#1337), and is therefore *terrible. *Second of all, I was using TweetDeck, which seems to be the only app in the store still free and not completely stuffed with ads - and also the slowest and most bloated.

Incidentally, no-one seems to have got syncing setup between platforms - iPhone, desktop, web etc. - sorted in a Twitter app. It can’t be that hard, surely? @loic hinted this may be coming to Seesmic at his PDC announcement, so let’s hope it’s soon.

Back to the job at hand - Tweetie 2. I have used this for about 20 minutes, and it’s a masterpiece. Here’s why.

Super-easy, super-cool

Considering the number of options, bells and whistles that Tweetie 2 has integrated (seriously, you should see the length of the feature list), it is magnificently easy to use.

Within just a few seconds I had 5 accounts configured and was tweeting away to my heart’s content. (This is in contrast to the purchase experience from Apple, which - for all the hoops it puts its developers through to get to the App Store - was a complete pain in the ass to actually get the app bought and downloaded).

Searches are also blindingly simple to set up, with a huge range of options there too.

Getting hold of users has never been easier.

Geolocation, List and Retweet API

Tweetie 2 is on the cutting edge of Twitter API development, integrating both the geolocation and retweet APIs.

Everything looks awesome

No matter where you go, the interface has been excellently thought out, and brilliantly designed and executed.

So many buttons!

There’s a lot of options and settings, and while it could have been easy to get lost, clear organisation makes it simple to get to the option you want.