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Imagine Cup: Day 2 Part 2

4th July, 2009

Wow, what a day it has been so far!

First off I was videoing the presentation by the UK game design team, which went really rather well. The demo gods were mostly on their side, with only small hiccup when an instance of their game crashed, but other than that it all went well and they dealt with the questions posed by the panel and others in the room very well.
Unfortunately as a result of all these presentations, I missed the “doll’s house” presentation by the embedded team, which I would have liked to have seen, but that was all made up for later on when Ray Ozzie (who presented at the opening ceremony yesterday) was doing the rounds in the Showcase (where all the embedded, games dev and software dev teams have demos of their stuff running in little booths) and we managed to persuade his aides to let him come and speak to them. He seemed very interested in what they were doing with the house, and had a good look around the entire thing before giving it a bit of a try out.

Happening for the rest of the day is the main software dev presentation, which I hope to capture in glorious high definition video, which may end up running quite late into the night (they’re already quite delayed!).