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Imagine Cup: Day 4

7th July, 2009

This one’s a bit late as yesterday was pretty busy!

First of all we started very very early (7.30 is early, right?) to head off to the sphinx and pyramids at the Giza plateau. While it was very hot (nice and warm, as I said), it was a great experience, and I have lots of photos to stitch together into big panoramas when I get home to a machine with somewhere near enough RAM to manage all the pixels.

Here’s a sneak peek though -

(No alt specified)

The afternoon was spent in the pool (oh dear!), and in the evening we went to some beautiful gardens on a hill above Cairo to have dinner, and where I took many more pictures again, with hopefully a 360 panorama of Cairo to stitch together too! (This one may take some time)

Today the plan of action is there is a showcase 1-3pm, and we’re heading off for the closing ceremony at 5.30 tonight, where there will be food and all the prizes announced - so good luck to the UK teams!