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Tweetie 2: Using To Shorten URLs

9th December, 2009

One of my favourite features of the recently-launched Tweetie 2 (#1581) (as a geeky developer, at least) is the ability to use your own custom URL shortening service when you shrink the URLs in your tweets.

Fortunately, the API for our short URL service is out-of-the-box compatible with Tweetie 2. Here’s how to enable for shortening on your iPhone.

To get to the right menu, you need to be on the “Accounts” view of Tweetie. Then you select the Settings button in the bottom left. Then select the Services option:

Then, you select the “URL Shortening” option, then the “Custom” field at the bottom.

Then, in the text entry box, enter this string:

(The %@ is a special indicator for Tweetie, for where it should put the URL that you want to shorten).

Now that this is all set up, hit “Save”, and you are ready to compose a tweet with a link shortened by