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Announcing the publishing of my 2010 online social impact review

2nd July, 2011

I am pleased to announce the free online release of my review of the impact of the social web for 2010.

This work was completed as part of a University module entitled “Social, legal and ethical aspects of engineering” (and known as SLEASE). Entitled “Social, Legal and Ethical Aspects of online Communities and Social Networks”, the report focussed on the main issues facing social networking online in the last quarter of 2010.

The report presents hundreds of reference sources, from Reddit conversation threads and TechCrunch articles through to research papers and Anonymous press releases. The report then gives a succinct summary of the activities of the Reddit Political Action Committee, Twitter’s community, the Yahoo/Delicious debacle and all of the important events of the end of the year.

A note on licensing: this report is free to download and share, but please do not extract parts from the main body of the document. A note to fellow students: this report is provided for information only - plagiarism will get you thrown out of University.

Download the report