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Ever wondered what it is to be an MSP?

21st September, 2010

Ben Nunney (@bennuk) is the new guy at Microsoft UK in charge of the UK Microsoft Student Partner (MSP) programme (and the Imagine Cup - but more on that another day).

You may have heard me mention the MSP programme before, as I have been involved quite heavily for the last 2 years. This year, if you are a student and studying at a Uni somewhere in the UK, you too can get involved!

As well as being a fun- and cheese-loving and an all-around nice chap, Ben has put his considerable videographical talents into bringing you this excellent video describing the main idea around why you would want to become an MSP:

So if you’re interested in the latest gadgets and technology, want to get your hands on it as well as the opportunity to win a huge stack of awesome prizes, drop Ben a line at to find out more and get started today!